Section Three:
Early Medieval  410 to 1066

Dark Ages
The Birth of Nations
Northumbrian Struggles
I: Grandsons of Ivar
Northumbrian Struggles     II: King of All Britain
Northumbrian Struggles     III: Bloodaxe
Bloody Business
Through the Ignorance of Childhood
Peace to England
Dynastic Disputes
No Worse Deed
The Vikings Return
I: Unready
The Vikings Return     II: The Wrath of God
The Vikings Return     III: Ironside
Danish England
I: Cnut the Great
Danish England     II: End of the Line
Toil and Trouble
The Apocalypse Approaches
I: 1042 to 1050
The Apocalypse Approaches     II: 1051 to 1052
The Apocalypse Approaches     III: 1053 to 1065
The Apocalypse Approaches     IV: 1066